Plotagon Education...A Fun Approach To Writing In The Classroom

I discovered the Plotagon app several years ago before there was even an educational version and I was amazed as I watched students creating their plots, writing their scripts, and making adjustments along the way. You see, the unique thing about Plotagon is, it helps students visualize their writing. As they write the dialogue, build their plot, and create a setting that is meaningful to the storyline, Plotagon creates an animation of their work.

Plotagon Education provides a safe environment for students as this version has eliminated the social media component of the app. They continue to add new features such as characters, actions, scenes, sounds, and music. It also provides for Google and Microsoft logins so students can begin creating immediately!

It is an app that must be downloaded from the Plotagon website. Click here to get your download. It's available for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and Chromebooks that support Android apps.

This app could be used for all content areas and provide opportunities for students to write about the content while incorporating some fun elements.

Below is a sample video I made in 5 minutes! It's such a cool app to add to your lessons! Students will love it!

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