ePortfolios are essential elements of student learning today. They can reflect the depth and breadth of the learning and chronicle the struggles along the way. In our digital world with all of the tools now available, it is important to be able to showcase student work. It tells the student's story in a way nothing else can.

To begin to amass content for an ePortfolio, it is recommended that students create "Showcase" folders in Google Drive for each content area and/or for each grade level. Then as students move through the grade levels, work remains organized and easy to access. This is also a great way to view visible results of growth.

The new Google Sites is now so easy, even the youngest learners can begin to curate their learning especially since most work now is housed in Google Drive. Students can add various pages for each grade level and "nest" under those pages, additional pages for each content area. The new Google Sites makes it easy to showcase whole folders of content with one click. And...changing the view of that display to Grid View makes student work shine! Check out this video to learn how you can add whole folders of work at once and get your students creating ePortfolios today!

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