It's back to school...woohoo! A teacher asked me to compile a list of tools she could share with her students this year that would provide a variety of options from which to choose when creating their projects. She commented they always tended to create posters...for everything! So I jumped at the chance and even provided boxes for them to check off as they used a tool. But, it is important to note that the same tool can be used more than once, just in a different way or to produce or present content in a new way.

Below is the compilation of tools I believe help students to develop the necessary skills needed for today's digital learning environment. These tools are all free and easy to use. Also included are copyright-friendly resources for graphics to use in student projects. Notice the disclaimer at the bottom. We don't want to rob our students of opportunities to take control of their learning; after all, we aren't always around when they need to figure something out!

These are my favorite...what are yours?

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