A Macbook • iPad • Chromebook Smackdown

Our district has Macbooks, iPads, and Chromebooks and our teachers would say, not enough of any! As a result, I decided to create an infographic detailing potential apps to use for different types of content creation, separated by each device. 

In the past, students have been really frustrated in their use of the Chromebooks because it looked like a Macbook, but it didn't act like a Macbook. At the beginning of the year, I decided to do a student orientation with my assigned campus' student body on making the most of the Chromebooks. Now it seems to be their preferred device...but that wasn't the case prior to the orientation! And I certainly don't attribute that to my presentation skills!

They love the few extensions I had them add: Cite This Page for Me, AdBlockPro, Web of Trust, and Grammarly. Now don't get me wrong, I don't want anyone taking my Macbook from me...and I use Chrome on my Macbook so I have access to all those extensions. 

So why do they prefer the Chromebooks? It's pretty simple...they love that the Chromebooks stay updated. And...they love the speed at bootup! Now to be fair, many of our Macbooks are old...But I think the main reason they love the Chromebooks...and I believe this is crucial to loving a Chromebook...they are proficient in Google Drive. They are rapidly becoming the cloud computing generation! They love the fact that the Chromebook doesn't hold their projects hostage to one device and that they can truly collaborate with classmates because they are working in the cloud and their teachers routinely check Revision History to monitor progress.

Below is the infographic I created, broken down by task and device. Please note, these tasks are not limited to, but only suggestions, due to their ease of use.
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