YouTube Tips & Tricks for Teachers, Even If It's Blocked

I will admit right off the bat I have a love hate relationship with YouTube. With all of the amazing content uploaded daily, there is no denying it provides the richest learning experiences at your fingertips. It has become my go-to for all types of tech help. Since we have become a Google Apps school district, it makes it very easy to upload tutorial videos needed for training. Many teachers are utilizing this feature as well for their classrooms. Therein lies the problem...while our teachers aren't blocked from YouTube, students are, so using this uploaded content for learning opportunities that aren't teacher-directed, these videos become unusable...but not at home in a flipped environment. Another issue has been the "Related Videos" that populate the right side of the interface. Can that be turned off? No. Can it be manipulated? Yes! Tag your videos properly! Your video's metadata is what helps YouTube select their 'suggested videos' that appear on the video player screen. Check out the graphic below that details how you can make the most out of your YouTube account to maximize student learning opportunities. Also, since our district uses iBoss for our filter, they offer a YouTube Clean Search. Students are able to view YouTube videos using the URL addresses they create for the YouTube videos. I've also included a graphic that details how to maximize this service for student learning and projects. 

Click below to check both out:

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