Using Social Media in the Classroom, Part Four: Edmodo

The final installment in this four part post on using social media in the classroom explores the use of Edmodo as a means for making learning social. Sure we use Edmodo as a learning management system. We post assignments, have students submit their work, take tests, but do we maximize it as a social media platform that capitalizes on making learning social? Let's explore some ways you can accomplish this.

Think Differently:
  • Create similar, but different posts that are divided into groups with prompts such as writing prompts, content-specific graphics, current events, vocabulary, content-specific questions. Allow students to select which post to respond and comment to and require them to also comment on someone else's post eliciting conversation on the post selected.
  • Using the "Poll" tool, post multiple polls on different content concepts and let students select which poll to respond to. Then require student to reply why they selected that poll.
  • Have students post as a particular individual related to a book, video clip, battle, mathematician, scientist much like Tweeting or Facebooking.
  • Looking for ways to connect your content to the world around us? Create a Scavenger Hunt or I Spy type activity and have students post those discoveries from their homes, their daily experiences, their interactions, their travels OUTSIDE the classroom. This can be event or holiday related. 
  • Select a "Student Guest Post" each week to engage fellow classmates in "collegial conversations" about your content...yes this will initially have to be modeled and maybe you will need to start with your PreAp/Ap classes, but I have always found students rise to the expectations placed before them.
  • Have you ever thought about a "Group Quiz"? Create several quizzes with a group A,B,C, etc label. Don't randomize the questions. Develop questions that inference content, that challenge their thinking, that foster conversations about the content. Have students group together, research, analyze, and discuss the questions collaboratively. This is an opportunity for students to develop the type of thinking needed to analyze those state-mandated tests.
  • Understand, they want to post to Edmodo...make that work for you and provide them them content-related postings to which they can respond. I realized over Christmas holidays the first year I began using Edmodo that students were just posting random things during the holidays...take advantage of that!      

I love the Edmodo blog in which they enlist educators to post things they are doing in the classroom...ways they leverage Edmodo. While I love Edmodo and all it has to offer as a learning management system, it's just so easy to fall into the trap of narrowly utilizing all it can provide you in the classroom. Reach out to the many educators on Edmodo, open your mind to the many opportunities this tool can provide in making learning social. When you do, you are engaging and empowering your students to learn in ways that are everlasting...beyond the classroom walls.

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