Social Media in the Classroom, Part Two: Instagram & Vine

In this second installment of using social media in the classroom, we're going to discover the use of Instagram and its versatility in the classroom. I've curated many different resources and ideas for using Instagram and Vine in the classroom. Hopefully, you'll find something you can use.

Ways to Use Instagram in the Classroom

With Instagram you have the option of using pictures or videos; below are some quick resources for ideas you can use:

I really liked some of these ideas from RenWeb:

Using Vine in the Classroom
Vine is another option for the classroom if you're interested in capitalizing on the "Micro-video". The use of these short videos removes the focus from the "technology" and puts it back on the content. Students don't spend as much time on the tools as they do on creating new content, quickly. Here are some resources to examine for using Vine in the classroom:

Can't decide which to use?
Check out this poster that compares the features of Vine and Instagram:


Here are a couple of videos that demonstrate the power of Instagram and the Micro-video in the classroom.


Additional Social Media posts:

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