Social Media and the Classroom, Part One: Twitter

Many teachers have introduced the use of social media in their classrooms and capitalized on its use as a way to give students voice, choice, and an avenue for collaboration. Meeting students where they are, integrating what's important to them with the necessary content to be covered, engages students and creates an environment that learning is social. It is all around us and is ongoing. I love the quote that we are as smart as the smartest person in the room. Are we communicating that to our students? Below I have compiled some resources for a variety of tools that make learning social.

This post is going to be part one of a four part series on the use of social media in the classroom. Part one will focus on Twitter. I often wonder how I lived without Twitter!

Check out these resources to gain more information on Twitter and how it can be effectively implemented into your curriculum. Just click on each graphic.


Check out this Twitter Cheat Sheet from Edudemic, This is some great, basic information.

Ready to discover some ways to leverage Twitter for social learning? Really that's the only kind of learning on Twitter! And it's not just for student learning...Twitter is rich with resources for teachers by teachers. Need an activity for a particular concept? Check the Twittersphere. Case in point...I couldn't figure out how to create a leaderboard with certain parameters. My #1 Twitter Smartee, Alice Keeler (@alicekeeler) came to the rescue and, via a Google Hangout with her, developed the leaderboard to all specifications! That girl is a Google Ninja! Click on the graphic below to discover some tips on using Twitter for social learning.

Not convinced yet? Check out these videos:

Additional Social Media posts:

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