TCEA 2014, Part 2: Google Academy Was Googlicious

For the last several years, one of the highlights of TCEA has been the Google Academy. Is there ever a point when you think there's nothing new to learn about Google Apps? Does anyone know more about Google Apps than Monica Martinez? That is doubtful! And this year didn't disappoint. While every session I attended was fabulous, chocked full of great resources, I believe my favorite was Tim Chase's session: Google Spreadsheets+Scripts=Bacon. Gotta love Tim and his creative take on presenting! I've really wanted to dig into scripting for a couple of years, but honestly, it's taken me this long to really be able to digest everything you can do with these amazing little tools. While some are relatively easy, like Flubaroo, that grades your Google Form quizzes, several get a little more complex, but automate tasks that make life so much easier for teachers. It is definitely time to step up to the plate!

To curate all of the resources we gathered at the academy, I created the Thinglink below. Spend a little time exploring...I guarantee there is something in here for everyone!

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