20% Project: A Teenage Perspective

Follow my blog with Bloglovin We had a guest helper today during our 20% Project...here are her observations...

In first period, I helped Hunter. It was awesome to see that we could apply this project to any special needs kiddos. Instead of using any technology, we physically built an airship with popsicle sticks. I found just giving him a few guidelines were helpful in keeping him productive. I also showed him a few ways we could give airship more dimension.

Throughout first and into second periods, I walked around with my iPhone and asked the kids a thought-provoking question: “What is your ‘Life’s Big Question?’” This is my 20% Project. Telling them to think of something you would ask a person or thing and receive a complete answer helped to direct their thoughts. I continued asking this question throughout the rest of the day.

My brothers, Isaac and Jacob, are building a 3D printer for their project. Seriously!! Don't they know that is almost impossible? Because it is so impossible, every Sunday, after church, we have to go to Radio Shack and Lowes to buy them things to build their printer. It's not something, at first, I believed that they could do, but now, I know they can do this. (Check out this video to see some of my inspiration.) And do it so well. Even if they do not finish the whole thing, the educators have made it clear... "Done is better than perfect."

From what I could tell, by third period, this project was a fabulous way to keep kids' brains still turning after the state exams. Although the kids have ideas, they aren’t motivated. We need something, anything, to keep kiddos moving. A couple of groups were designing T-shirts for their brand. Mrs. Witherspoon got a little fussy (like any good educator would) because there was not any creativity flowing. Finding a way to move forward is what we need to do.

I guess this whole post is quite scatterbrained, but over all, the project was a wonderful use of time, brains, and resources.


This was a post by guest blogger, Isabella Valdez.

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