Our Keynote Classroom: iPads + Keynote = Smartee

I have done a lot of study on brain-based learning over the last few years. I've experimented with some techniques in the classroom that have reaped many benefits, but I think I may have stumbled upon a new approach to integrating some BBL through the use of the iPads...and it involves Keynote...yes, Keynote and I'm not talking merely creating a slideshow presentation!

We are currently wrapping up a chapter of content and it's time to prepare for our test. Our goal is simple...create a Keynote presentation of review material that contains visuals representing the information that needs to be learned for the test. We've talked a little about the importance of the organization of the information, as well as the font and formatting of the slides and how they can enhance the learning of this material. I even came across an interesting blog called The Keynote Classroom and I uncovered a lot of interesting tips and techniques as well as some great inspiration. I just didn't realize how powerful this little app could be...way beyond just building a presentation. So we are ready to take test prep to the next level. It will be interesting to see how this turns out...stay tuned. Below I've included the rubric for this project. 

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