Save Time With Google Forms Self-Check Quizzes

When I discovered how fabulous Google Forms was last spring, I managed to find multiple uses for them. I loved using the various themes and found a variety of tasks for them, but mostly for gathering information. There are a variety of templates that can be accessed through the Google Docs website, but recently, I have been using the self-check quiz templates. This is an excellent option for a paperless activity and paperless means saving money! While I love using the cool themes Google has created to use with these forms, if users are accessing these with mobile devices, it is best to forgo the themes.

Click here to access a list of various lengths of self-checking quizzes. You cannot add or subtract questions because it will not score the entries correctly. Wondering how they work? Check out Tammy Worcester's Tip of the Week #81 where she explains how it is done and provides links to the templates she has created. Now if you are using a template that includes a large amount of information, you may want to take a look at this spreadsheet formula that allows you to transpose information. Check out Tammy Worcester's Tip of the Week #104 link. 

Hope you find these templates as useful as I have! Go forth and make life and grading much easier!
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