Need a solution for animations? Try GoAnimate4Schools

If you are a teacher looking for a fun and easy solution to use for animation projects, you have got to look at GoAnimate4Schools as a great choice. It is free to educators and is a fully functioning version of this web app. You can create custom characters and you can have multiple characters in one scene unlike some other popular choices that limit you to two characters. The more I played with this site, the more options I found. Students can record their own voices within this site and/or upload audio files to their creation. The only thing the free school version doesn't allow is the ability to download copies of your student's creations. But you can embed these videos and they are extremely easy to create. The video below is the one I created for our convocation this year.

This is a great tool for many different types of projects from writing, teaching a concept, or creating content on a particular topic. Our Spanish teacher, Lupe Mendoza is using it with his Spanish students. I love this site and highly recommend it...try it out. Disco Convocation by Ann Witherspoon

Like it? Create your own at GoAnimate4Schools. It's free and fun!
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