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We have been working on planning our summer tech camp and one of the sessions is going to be on Cool Things You Can Do With YouTube so I decided to share what we are working on with this...YouTube Mashups. I went to a session at TCEA this year that detailed how this high school English teacher had her students create videos recounting the various stories they were reading. They had to use scenes from YouTube videos and could not use any scenes from movies that were actual remakes of the tales they were presenting. I found this project to be on such a higher level than just "acting out" the story for a video project. It got me to thinking about other things you could use YouTube videos for and I have come up with a list. I would love for anyone to chime in and add to the list. We are going to present this as a session during our summer tech camp and judging from the initial response after one day of sign-ups, I think it is going to be a popular session! But, why would these be of beneficial use in the classroom?
Educational uses of Mashups:
  • Enhance instructional content
  • Engage with the material on a deeper level
  • Explore and uncover previously unsuspected aspects of the data
  • Provide additional venues to discuss, debate ans share insights and sources of information
  • Develop analytical skills
  • Connect to real-world situations
  • Make connections between instructional content and learning outcomes
  • Encourage self-directed exploration
  • Encourage collaboration
  • Allow students to learn by doing
So...Here are some specific examples of how to use video mashups:
  • Video Mashups: Have students create a video detailing a story or concept using video clips from various movies either of their choosing or if younger, provide a file of, say, 10 clips for them to use. Check out: Pocohontas vs Avatar
  • Genre Identification: Show video clips from older movies and have students identify the genre OR have them take a video clip and have them edit to change the genre. Here is a great example: Sleepless in Seattle
  • Story Starters: Show clips from older movies that illustrate either some suspenseful or intriguing scene and have the students either create a title for the movie, write a "what happened next" or maybe an ending to the scene. There are so many things here that these video clips could be used for. North By Northwest
  • Content Information: Have students teach about a particular concept or event using digital media through the creation of a video made from YouTube video clips. Vote Different
To download these video clips, I personally like to use Keepvid, but there are a variety of other options such as Savevid.

So leave comments about ways you have used YouTube in the classroom or video mashups. We would love to share your ideas.
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