I have been using ClassTools.net for a couple of years now and it was really only to create review games for students to play in preparation for a test or maybe the student picker. I really never had explored much beyond that. The first thing I like about this site is...NO LOGIN! They have introduced a new tool, Fakebook in which you can have students create fake Facebook pages. This is a fabulous activity that truly calls on utilizing those critical thinking skills necessary to take learning to a deeper level. 

Another tool I really liked is called Keyword Checker. Students create a list of key words in the first box and then paste in their essay in the second box. This tool scans the essay for those words and helps to provide critical information in case there is a need for revision. The site even provides an example:
Click here for a sample to see how the keywords are found in an essay on the Origins of the Spanish Civil War. What a great tool for students to use in an effort to improve their writing skills and develop a well-written essay. While writing the essay, they can also use Plagerizr to check for plagiarism (which brings up the question of how to actually spell the word...check the Internet, MANY misspellings!).

The tool I had the most fun with was called Lights Out. This is an engaging way to help students make predictions or simply take a closer look at things. This tool can be embedded in a webpage as well as can many of their tools.

The site has a Timeline that is so easy to use and can be made to look great with the ability to upload images. This timeline can also be embedded on a webpage. There are just so many of these tools, I could write all day. An additional thing I really like about this site is the links to resources for each of these tools. Check out those pages; they provide samples and ideas for how to integrate them into the classroom. You just need to check them out! Below is a link list of all of their tools. Find your favorites and share how you are using them.

Classtools.Net Tools for the Classroom:

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