Vokle...Have I Mentioned Lately How Awesome You Are?

We have been trying to figure out a way to broadcast our morning announcements at Miller Elementary with little setup and prior preparations. Trying to video a school broadcast, create the video, send it to the webmaster, and get it posted everyday is too much trouble...so we have been searching. UStream was not an option due to the inappropriate commercials that have begun to appear on their site, so last fall the search began. We stumbled upon Vokle, a great little website that allows live broadcasting with interactivity. Currently there is a live broadcast occurring right now with 11 people being broadcast at once! Skype hasn't managed to get 11 people on at once, but this website has! What I really love about Vokle is the ability to embed your event on a web page. In trying to facilitate a live broadcast of our children doing the morning announcements, we are thinking about embedding it in a closed environment that requires a password. If you check the Test box in your event setup, it will not be available on the Vokle website for others to view. I love this site. I could see teachers embedding an event window in their Edmodo account and broadcasting student presentations or class parties. The possibilities are endless. I love you Vokle...you make me vocal about your awesomeness.
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