iPad2 Projects!

In the Apple launch yesterday, Steve Jobs mentioned that many say the iPad was the most successful launch of a consumer product ever. It made Apple $9.5 billion in 9 months! To date, there have been 65,000 apps developed specifically for the iPad. That doesn't include all of the apps developed for cross platform. Check out this video shown at the launch yesterday, 2010, the Year of the iPad; very compelling. (Both videos below are hosted on YouTube so if you are blocked, you will need to override)

I know everyone wanted the new iPad2 to have a camera, and yes, I thought that would be nice, but I think as a teacher, the best new feature is its capability to project its desktop. This is crucial for maximizing the use of all those fabulous apps! One of my favorite is the Frog Dissection, but its inability to project for the entire class to see at once, makes it much less desirable. So...in my opinion, I would have given up the camera for this one feature...just glad I didn't have to! 

Some other features of the new iPad2 include:
  • Comes in a white or black version
  • Faster processor that promises 9 times faster graphics performance
  • HD camera on the back of the iPad2
  • VGA camera on the front for Face Time
  • Two new apps: iMovie and Garageband
  • 1/3 thinner than the original
  • 10 hour battery life  
  • Cool and colorful magnetic covers that fold up to act as stands for the pad
There has been talk that these pads would revolutionize learning. I don't know if that will happen, but it sure will be fun to explore the possibilities...enjoy the video that describes this new product. Thanks Apple!

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