Justin Bieber is Making Bedtime Reading Fun

A teacher sent out a link today of Justin Bieber reading The Cat In The Hat. I mean...how cool is that to have Justin reading to our kids! This website, Book It, is a reading incentive website sponsored by Pizza Hut. If the site gets a certain number of viewers (over 215,000), Book It is going to donate $25,000 to help Pencils of Promise build schools. Yesterday they began a webcast of Justin reading this Dr. Suess story. You can follow the site on Twitter and receive posts for upcoming reading events. The site is loaded with activities and resources for parents. Their goal is to get American families to begin the tradition of spending 20 minutes a night reading bedtime stories; the initiative is called, Give Me Twenty. That is certainly doable! So check out the website, listen to Justin do his thing, and refer this to your parents so they can begin a tradition your students are bound to treasure.
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