iLearn with iStyle...our TCEA 2011 Presentation

This past week Peggy Davidson and I presented iLearn with iStyle at TCEA 2011 and I wanted to post our presentation wiki that also contains the PPT. We had so much fun putting this presentation together. We both really appreciate the packed house; you were a great audience. We were fortunate to have the people from Qwizdom provide our session with clickers to poll our audience. I have loved teaching with student response tools; it allows you to assess your audience and where they are. Our session really promoted the idea of a 1:1 initiative that allows students to bring their own devices...most notably, their cell phones. We presented ideas for activities you can implement within your classroom that utilize these devices in a way that can transform learning. I have seen students so engaged with using their cell phones, they were willing to bring phones that didn't even work just to use the calculator on it! We also kept a backchannel running using Todaysmeet that provided some interesting dialogue during the presentation and I thought you might be interested looking over the conversation that took place there. As I prepared for this presentation, I found a provocative video that is really an indictment on evaluating what we are doing in our classrooms. Are we preparing students for the jobs of tomorrow or are we simply preparing them to do well in our class? Below is that video along with our presentation. Any questions or comments...let's hear them!

Here is our presentation:
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