Prezi For The iPad Is Here!

Yea! Prezi has developed an app for the iPad available at the iTunes store! This app is free. Hello Prezi by JnK Studio offers Prezi plus a Prezi Remote for .99¢ in a limited time offer so, if you are interested, you might try to snag it now. You will still need to go to the Prezi website to sign up for your account if you do not already have one. I do want to clarify, you still cannot create a Prezi on the iPad, it is strictly for viewing...but hey, we're headed in the right direction!

Prezi is a great presentation tool that requires a paradigm shift in thinking about visual presentations. This tool produces some outstanding products with very little effort. There is a small learning curve with Prezi. It's not that the program is difficult to understand, the tools just require some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, you can really amaze yourself. The hardest part about Prezi is simply getting started. My suggestion has always been to browse through their Explore tab to look over what has already been created. This should provide you with some inspiration, because staring at that blank artboard can be a bit intimidating at first. Prezi also provides some great tutorials. I have created a wiki to help in getting started with Prezi; Click here to check it out. If you are not blocked from YouTube, I have embedded a video about Prezi for the iPad. Enjoy...then go an Prezi-up your presentations!
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