Google Launches Tech Support For Parents

We have been talking about creating a parent's technology forum in our district this year. I feel it is important to let them know about all of the innovative ways technology is being integrated into the curriculum. It would also be a great way to showcase many of the new tools available online for students as well as parents to use. Google must have been reading my mind because they have launched a tech support for parents website. It is very straight forward and easy to use. It is setup like a care package. You simply go through the page, checking boxes in the various sections along with the topic you want to know more about. It brings up a video explanation of the topic. It's pretty clever and a little funny. Let your parents know about this. I think this will benefit not only them, but their students, and you as well. Once again, Google has come through and I will say it again...Have you heard? Google is taking over the world and I'm feeling lucky~
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