Einstruction Announces 2010 Classroom Makeover Winners

Below you will find links to the winners of this year's Classroom Makeover contest. This is an incredible opportunity for students to have direct impact of the equipment that makes its way into their in their classrooms. While eInstruction uses this as an advertising opportunity, it provides students and teachers with a great project that has them really reflecting on the technology needs of the classroom and its impact on learning. Check out the videos; they are really creative! Enjoy.

Tammy Dunbar’s class from Lincoln Elementary in Manteca, California. Their video is entitled, The Room Nine Kids: I Wanna Class Makeover.  

Grades 6–8 Winner:  
Imarlys Cajigas’ Science Class from WALKS Elementary School in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. Their video is entitled, When We Have Technology.
Grades 9-12 Winner:  Robert Goetsch’s Technology Class from Alief Taylor High School in Houston, Texas. Their video is entitled, eInstruction Is Forever.
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