Educational Video Games Create Engaged Learners

I came across a blog, Tech the Plunge, that listed hundreds of resources, ideas, and videos for Ed Tech included a list of 60 educational games sites from a post on the blog, Tech Happy. I felt like I had hit the mother lode and kept bouncing back and forth between these two blogs. I began to compile a list of some of the sites, not nearly all that I saw, but some I thought I would share. Check them out...there is bound to be something of interest. By the way, Kim Bull, a second grade teacher told me that Scholastic is sponsoring a virtual field trip to Plimoth Plantation, but you have to sign up; click here for the link. These opportunities really enrich the curriculum and provide engaging activities students will remember forever.

Math:   (higher level)

Science: (elementary earth science)

History/Geography: (Personal favorite history site!) (uses Google Earth)


Problem Solving Skills:

Various Subject Areas:

PowerPoint Games:

Additional Resources:
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