Tricked Out Wikis and Blogs...Put Your Best Face Forward

Much has been written about developing blogs and wikis for the classroom and I am amazed at what teachers in our district have been doing with these collaborative tools. They taken communication to a whole new level and have provided a connection between the classroom and the infinity and beyond! Now that we're a couple of months into the new year, and we're getting comfortable with the format, the process, and the's time to put some Bam in the Plan! These sites represent you and your classroom. It's time to market what you're selling so let's get them tricked out just like your classroom. Last summer I was using PB Works wikis, but have since moved on to Wikispaces. I personally like Wikispaces because you can lock individual pages. The major drawback was the lack of creativity in the themes you could select for the workspace. After communicating with Debbie Guskin of Wikispaces, she sent me to two resources that provided great information for spicing up the themes provided. While it's not perfect, it does provide some punch in being able to customize the various themes. The first resource is on Wikispaces' blog. The second resource, Getting Tricky With Wikis, provides some interesting resources to check out.

Now if you're blogging and you want to add some spice to that, there are several great sites to find templates you can apply to your site. You just need to make sure the template will be a good fit for your information. Earlier this year I selected a template that I just could not get to fit the information I wanted to display. I have provided some resources for my personal favorite blog, Blogger:

If you are looking to add some widgets to add pizazz and additional functionality, here are some resources beyond what comes with Blogger:
MintBlogger  Great blog about blogging tips and resources.
Wibiya I love this web toolbar!

Now that you have the bag of tricks...get that site tricked out just in time for Halloween!
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