Some FREE Resources for Teachers That Will Enhance Learning

I have catching up on some of the blogs I routinely follow and found some interesting resources I wanted to share. These may prove to be valuable learning resources that, for the time being, are free. My experience has been that many resources start out free and begin to charge later, so take advantage of the freebies while you can!
The first resource I want to share is JayCut, an online video editor. This is a great site that allows students to take video clips and create their own movies. It utilizes a timeline format that allows for layering clips and adding various effects to the clips. It is free and easy to use so check it out!

Another option for student-created videos is the use of animated videos. A great option for this is a free site called meemoov. This is a great site for creating those animated videos that can recreate a story, display researched information, or present ideas and concepts. Again, this tool is very easy to use and students will love getting their hands on this.

The other recent innovation to the web, thanks to Google Wave, is collaborating in real time. There are several options for this. In an earlier post, I mentioned Today's Meet, a real time micro blog that serves as a great tool for back channeling. A couple of other options available for collaborating in real time that provide for MS Word based collaboration are Primary Pad and TitanPad. They are great tools for group work and allow for everyone's input in a collaborative format.

The last resource I wanted to share today is a tool that is a little different. It is called Ediscio and it provides several different options to create flash cards and help with that dreaded memory work in an engaging way. It allows for creating very dynamic flash cards and there is an option for creating a learning schedule as well. So this gives everyone some resources to check out. See if any will work for you.
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