Free Graphic Organizers...Design For Discernment

Need a graphic organizer to use for structuring writing projects, or maybe to help with problem solving, inferencing, decision making, studying, planning research or brainstorming? Then I have the website for you, and it's one you've probably heard's Houghton Mifflin's Education Place. There are plenty of graphic organizers free for download that offer just about any type of organization of information. Why develop your own, when it's just a click away? Another great source for graphic organizers is Freeology. There are over 100 different organizers! This is a great site because it offers more than just graphic organizers. Need journal topics, or maybe awards and certificates, check this site out. One more great site with a plethora of graphic organizers is teAchnology. Once again, this site has far more than just graphic organizers, but with mind mapping offering so many benefits to students, this learning strategy should be utilized often. Download today!
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