Classroom Skyping Opportunities

I recently came across a page on The Edublogger blog dedicated to listing classrooms looking for skyping opportunities. This is a pretty extensive list featuring classrooms from around the world. There is also a link for you to add your classroom to the list. Now the site said the last time the list was updated was March of 2010. If you add your class and it doesn't appear shortly, I'd shoot them an email and inquire as to when the list is going to be updated. Since we have gotten our new Lumens Ladibugs, several of our teachers are using those cameras for skyping. All you have to do is run the ladibug in Source 1 (just operating the Ladibug) and change the camera setting in the Skype Preferences window under the Skype menu, and you are good to go! So check out the list, find some friends from far away, and open your classroom to the world...welcome to the 21st century!
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