Best Technology Resources...Develop Your PLN

First of all, let me define PLN. That is your personal learning network...the resources and people you rely on to further your knowledge base. Last summer I decided to dust off my iGoogle page and start loading it up with blogs and other sites to follow. The problem I encountered was trying to determine where to start. I stumbled upon a blog, Blogging About the Web 2.0 and noticed that it had been nominated for a couple of Edublog awards last year. That led me to the award list and that is where I found some incredible sites that I check daily. Starting there led me to other sites that I have collected on my iGoogle page. Here are some of my favorites. First and current all time favorite is Free Technology For Teachers. This blog is great for learning about cutting edge technology and its implications in the classroom. Another great site is CoolToolsForSchools. While the color scheme is a little tough on the eyes, it is packed with more Web 2.0 tools than one could ever use. Another great site, is WebTools4U2Use. I have spent hours on this site. Byrdseed Gifted offers the latest resourses for gifted education and this is handy when trying to provide differentiated instruction in the regular classroom. Marilyn Western's Technology Tips for Classroom Teachers is another site loaded with "stuff ya gotta try." Larry Ferlazzo's Website of the Day is another great site for presenting the latest and greatest. There are a couple of content specific sites I enjoy following such as ReadWriteThink, Langwitches Blog, and Two Writing Teachers. A couple of sites I also follow that present various technology news are Mashable, Open Culture, and Learnitin5.   Now, another site I really want to tout is our district training site, MISD Technology Training, that has been recently updated. We are attempting to present information useful to the teachers within our district in integrating technology within the classroom. This should be enough to at least get you started if you haven't begun to develop your resource base.
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