TED Video...Online Videos Fuel Global Innovation

I recently watched a TED video of Chris Anderson discussing the impact online videos have on sparking innovation and ideas. With the world for an audience, innovation and ideas can spread like a virus impacting millions of people. Chris even mentioned that what Guttenberg did for writing, web videos are doing for face to face communication and the development of innovation and ideas. People begin by emulating what they see which then drives the innovation. I was just thinking about the impact this is having of personal learning networks. Teachers all over the world are communicating and inspiring one another with ideas for honing their craft. As teachers share their ideas and innovative teaching strategies, imagine the impact that could have on our educational system. With Education Nation wrapping up this week, there has been much discussion about what can be done or what needs to be done. Imagine what could happen if some of these innovations went viral...
Check out the video:
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