Power Up Your Presentations

It's 2010 and, frankly, everyone is pretty bored with PowerPoint presentations. It has gotten to the point where boring PowerPoints have even developed their own iconic term, "Death by PowerPoint!" The term is even in Wikipedia. Fortunately, people are beginning to realize a shift in thinking about the content of these multimedia presentations. Like the tag line for Vuvox suggests, that is what everyone should be seeking...their visual voice. Alternative forms of PowerPoints such as Pecha Kucha, 20 slides for 20 seconds each, have attempted to revamp the delivery of information. Incorporating the 6 x 6 rule, no more than six words per line, six lines or bullets per slide, and six slides of text without a visual break of graphics is a good rule of thumb. Using san serif fonts no smaller than 24 point with good contrast from the background is crucial. A couple of weeks ago a friend mentioned he gave a 3 hour presentation with 240 slides; sounded like a snooze fest to me! I cannot imagine having to sit through something like that no matter how interesting the topic. Fortunately there are interesting alternatives available. First and foremost...retool your presentations. Here is a fabulous slide show that details some excellent tips for your presentations.
Check out this SlideShare Presentation:
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Another alternative, and personal favorite, is Prezi. They have continued to improve their options for users and now provide the ability to collaborate with multiple users editing the presentation at the same time. Another cool option is Vuvox. Both of these options represent a paradigm shift in visual presentations. This is a shift long overdue!
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