Greater Atlanta Christian Paves The Way

I have been saying for a while now that a paradigm shift in thinking about cell phones and ipods in the classroom needs to change. As NBC focuses on our educational system this week in Education Nation, hopefully some of these ideas may be discussed. Last summer I was speaking at a district tech camp about this very thing. Ironically, I was in a computer lab in front of a sign that said "No Cells Phones Allowed." These can be powerful tools for learning and students and teachers aren't even aware of this. Hundreds of apps for these very powerful mini computers are being developed on a daily basis to address many educational needs. A friend of mine, Terry Davis, who teaches at Greater Atlanta Christian told me of their attempt to go "paperless" a couple of years ago. It's just like those who keep talking about what we need to do to educate for the 21st century. We are 10 years into this century and we are still talking about what we need to do. When will the talking end and the doing begin? I know teachers are concerned that their students might text during class or cheat on a test. It takes diligence on the part of the teacher to monitor this behavior. But guess what...students write notes and create cheat sheets...should we ban paper and pen? Maybe that would be a good thing, this paperless idea...GACS has provided a glimpse into their for thought.

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