Branding Your Classroom...a 21st Century Tool

I have been kicking around an idea about how beneficial it could be if teachers went through the process of branding their classrooms. Now I am not talking about using a hot iron...although it may take one of those to get this accomplished, but education has made great strides in looking to the business world for ideas to modify and adopt. Imagine your student fifty years from now still remembering the jingle or tagline from your classroom or a particular lesson like we remember, See the USA in your chevrolet! or Choosy moms choose Jiff...need I go on? Companies figured out a long time ago how to develop information we would remember. Check out some of the world's logos or brands and see how they reflect what the company is selling. I am thinking it might be time to look into this. There are benefits to branding:
  • It provides a sharp focus that increases your clarity which produces greater effectiveness.
  • It attracts your target audience, because after all, that is who you are focused on.
  • The core messages you create will truly reflect features, benefits and unique qualities of your product...student education.
  • This creates a sense of reliability and responsibility...that is comforting.
  • It brings order and structure, which increases productivity.
  • It informs the culture you are operating in exactly what you are about.
  • And most importantly, it establishes you as an expert in your field, because afterall, you will be when you go through the process of developing an effective branding of your classroom.
I found this PowerPoint on SlideShare that I thought was worth a look:
But how do we begin when we have not business training? Fortunately, we do have Google and I have found a couple of links to explore.
Maybe these can help you as you begin to develop a brand for your company... OR your classroom, that targets its customers... OR your students. So go out and start branding...
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