Back Channeling

I have been reading a lot about back channeling lately. Since this was a term I was unfamiliar with, I immediately decided to check it out. A back channel is a conversation taking place, usually online, at the same time a presentation is occurring. It is, you might say, a parallel conversation and can provide a very rich learning experience if utilized properly. There are several websites that can be used; however, TodaysMeet is the site I have been using. We been discussing possible implications within the classroom. Using a back channel during a video presentation in lieu of a video viewing guide, for a brainstorming session, to pose questions or comments during a presentation, the possibilities are endless. TodaysMeet generates a transcript that can be printed when done. I was thinking this would provide a great tool to use in parent conferences. Several teachers issue aliases so students will feel free to respond or participate when they normally wouldn't in the regular classroom setting. My one observation when I utilized a back channel in a training session was how critical it was to have someone monitoring the back channel. Being able to address questions immediately provided a level of interaction I haven't observed in a while. Try it and see; I think you'll like it. Back channel...TodaysMeet...student interaction guaranteed.