Student Blogging...Opportunities for Student Reflection and Voice to Solidify Learning

This year I had a 5th-grade math teacher, Judy Jaisle, who wanted to get her students blogging about their math learning journey. I was so excited at this opportunity to give students an outlet for reflection and teaching. After all...isn't that the highest form of learning? 

We used Blogger and set up their blogs in the computer lab, but they are actually using iPads to do their blogging. I've been amazed at the ease with which these students took to blogging!

Since getting the 5th-graders up and running, a 4th-grade ELAR teacher, Lucy Morales and, 3rd-grade Bilingual teacher, Martha Lackey have also gotten their students blogging. Student comments and excitement for this have been fun to witness. Yes...learning CAN be fun!

I love using Blogger because there are several measures that can be taken to ensure students are safe. Currently, their blogs are unlisted, all comments are closed to their classmates only and are all moderated. What a great opportunity these students have to reflect on their learning in a real-world context. Who knows, we may be cultivating skills for the next Earnest Hemmingway or Harper Lee.


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