YouTube Gives Schools Tools To #FreeTheTube

I am so excited about the recent announcement that Google school domains FINALLY have the ability to filter video content in YouTube. Anyone who knows me, knows this has long been a thorn in my side. We have moved into an age where YouTube is synonymous with learning and to block such a huge resource for teachers and for students seemed ludicrous although given some of the questionable content on YouTube, I totally understood the reasoning!

So this is how it works...once the GAFE domain admin turns this on, it gives teachers the ability to approve or whitelist videos for the entire domain. Many videos are already approved by Google, but the tools include designating approvers within the domain...typically the classroom teachers! This is such a great update for education today; YouTube can serve as a great repository for teacher and student-created media! Plus, I love the YouTube Video Editor Tools and they are one more tool that can be used in helping students understand the need for using copyright-friendly resources!

So how does this work for the teachers and students? Students will gain access to YouTube if they are signed into their Google account. Verified domain teachers, when logged into their school domain, will see a blue bar below each video identifying whether it is approved or not. They will then have the ability to approve videos by checking the APPROVE button. If they inadvertently approve a video, the teacher can simply click the REMOVE button to block the video once again. (See the graphic below).

Implications For Education

PLAYLISTS: I love YouTube playlists which are simply the curation of videos with a certain theme or topic. When you see a video you want to have the ability to quickly refer back to, simply click the "+ Add To" below each video.

YOUTUBE CHANNEL CREATION: Teachers and students both have the ability to create their own YouTube channels and be able to showcase their own media creations! What a great repository of work! To make your YouTube channel look professional, create your own channel header! I love to use Canva and they have a YouTube channel header template! (The recommended header size is 2560 x 1440 pixels.) See the slide deck below for a link to channel creation help.

YOUTUBE VIDEO EDITOR: Most people don't even know YouTube has a video editor within this app and it's actually pretty cool! There are copyright-friendly music and video clips that can be used in the editing process. You can also annotate on top of videos and add links to other videos. This is a great tool for creating Choose Your Own Adventure videos! One additional benefit...students can download the YouTube CAPTURE app for iOS or the YouTube Creator Studio for Android phones and they can upload their clips directly to their YouTube account for editing purposes...hello Chromebooks, there's a good little video editor in town!

Just click on the slides for links to these channels. Have a favorite I've missed? Feel free to share your favorites!
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