6 Crazy Ways To Use Social Media to Fire Up The Classroom

This summer most of our district read Teach Like A Pirate by Dave Burgess. We were fortunate to have him speak at convocation as well. He was very inspirational in getting teachers to think differently about ways to make learning an experience. He challenged us to transform our classrooms into places students would pay for. It has been fun seeing this approach to learning unfold this school year. I began thinking about ways to use social media to engage students and connect content to their world...to take those key concepts to make the learning experiential and memorable. Below are six crazy ways to use social media to fire up the classroom.

1. Create a social media campaign to get high profile Google Hangout partners such as authors, experts in their field, world leaders, superstars...think BIG! Create YouTube videos to formally invite the target guests. Be wildly creative and include your students! Who can say no to them! Then blast the Internet with your social media campaign.

2. Create parody or special interest Twitter accounts and manage and post daily to engage your students in active dialogue connecting your content to the real world.

3. Host Twitter or Instagram scavenger hunts or mystery hunts connecting your content to current events. I loved Catlin Tucker's use of an Instagram Scavenger Hunt while on a field trip.

4. Have students guest post on a class blog. This is a great way to share the learning with parents and the community and to give students a voice.

5. Get students to create and post content-related memes to the class Twitter or Instagram accounts.

6. Spark a revolution for your students to participate in...find a need in the community and set out to solve it. Build real-world skills in your students while integrating or connecting your content to the movement at hand.

I'd love to hear some other, nontraditional ways teachers are using social media in their classrooms. Feel free to post something that has been wildly successful for you and your students.
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