TCEA 2014 iPad Academy App Spotlight

It's been 13 days since the 2014 TCEA iPad Academy and after exploring many of the resources we gathered for our Thinglink, there were a few apps I wanted to spotlight for learning, content creation, and productivity. There were many highlights for the day and the apps smackdown at the end really provided some great tips, tricks, and resources that capped off the academy. Below are some apps I think might need a deeper look. Check them out and let me know if you find some interesting ways in which to utilize them.

Apps for Content Creation:

Here are four great apps that will allow your students to create some slick looking digital content. By the way, all of these apps are FREE! Comic Maker is a great app that students love because of the comic strip theme. Story Me is a similar option and provides students with a little more variety. I love Face Talker! This is a quick way to check for understanding or present research on a particular subject. Slide Shark is great because you can annotate right on top of the PowerPoint slides and all your animations and videos come through on this app!

Apps for Learning:

Here are a couple of apps for learning. Even though Daisy the Dinosaur is for ages four+, this is a great app to introduce the concept of coding. A by-product of this app is developing vocabulary, especially for the bilingual students. Math Duel is cool because of the split screen to allow for 2 players. This is an engaging way to hone your math skills.

Apps for Productivity:

The apps listed here are AMAZING! With CloudOn, You can actually share and edit Microsoft documents such as PowerPoint on the iPad! It has a share feature that allows you to invite collaborators. Another similar app is Documents. This is a great file manager; it replaces a document viewer, PDF reader, download manager, and music player all in one app! Sound Gecko is a great app for turning the web into audio for your listening pleasure! The last app mentioned here is Flowboard. It probably should have been listed with Content Creation apps, but you can also add links from the web to your Flowboad. I'm going out on a limb here...I think this may be my favorite app reviewed here! I think the possibilities are endless here.

I wanted to mention a couple of blog posts by Richard Byrne that he's posted recently that I thought were pretty interesting. The first one was about kids becoming animators with the free app, Creative Kids. You can read more about this post here.

Another great post of his was 10 Great Apps for a Teacher's New iPad. I think he's done a great job of detailing which apps to begin with! By the way, he mentioned the app Box. This app is similar to Dropbox and if you download and install now, you get upgraded from 10 to 50gb free storage. Sadly, this offer expired February 15, 2014.

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