My TCEA 2014 Take Aways, Part 1: iPad Academy

Well, another TCEA conference is in the books and this one certainly didn't disappoint, or fail to INSPIRE! From the Google Academy on day one, through the iPad Academy, day two, and winding up on day three and four with a smattering of exceptional sessions, my cup runneth over! It's always great to reconnect with edtech friends and revisit favorite presenters to see where their learning has taken them through the year.

Because there is so much I want to share, I'm going to break this into three different blog posts. Today, I am going to focus on the iPad Academy. One of my iPad Academy favs was the iPad PD Toolkit with Lisa Johnson; however, I really want to focus on classroom takeaways. (Check out an additional session Lisa did called S.A.S.S.Y. SAMR Toolkit. #GoodStuff)

A session on 10 iPad Projects Students Will Love provided some great resources with all the links needed to replicate these in your own classroom. Another great session included lots of tips and tricks on the iOS device with Monica Martinez. She provided this great PDF of Tips and Tricks. Another good session in the iPad Academy was Jumping In With iPads presented by Jean Friedman. I particularly liked the way she categorized various tasks and provided resources to get the job done in transformative ways. We ended the day with a TechSlam. People from the audience came up, shared their favorite apps, and demonstrated them. We really loved the app, Morfo. It's great and free; however, if you want to share the video, you have to buy the full version which is $1.99, bummer!

Below is a Thinglink of all of the resources we Tweeted out during the iPad Academy.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of TCEA 2014 Take Aways: Google Academy!
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