Well, we've been plugging along, using our iPads for all of our class work...taking notes, quizzes, and communicating without using paper...pretty cool stuff. While at SXSWEdu a couple of weeks ago, I happened to talk to Tom Burnet, who is with Strategic Initiatives, Apple Education, and I told him how much I was enjoying my classroom of iPads. We literally do all of our work on these devices. He asked what we were doing and I told him, not anything too transformative at this point. We were really still working out the kinks for workflow, things like: how we can type and draw on our notes (thank you Adobe Reader), how we can turn work in for a grade (thank you Edmodo and Google Drive), and how we can create the coolest content on the planet (thank you all Apple apps!). 

This week we wrapped up our notes on a particular chapter and have begun a podcast project to reflect on our learning. Even with the Internet down for two days, my students created some pretty cool Thinking Maps® using Skitch as shown here. I love these iPads and tools like this because they allow my Special Ed students to create work that looks as good as their neighbor's who may just be Gifted!

The best part this week though, was today. They were working in groups on their scripts for their podcast recording next Monday. One student's partner was absent today, but that didn't matter! They were working on Google Drive and the sick student was right there during class today, contributing her part! I mean, how fab is that? Ahhh...just doing a little work on a project in the life of an iPad classroom! (With a little help from the Cloud!)

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