LiveBinders...The Answer to Student PLNs

The new Tech App TEKS (or standards) for Texas have been released and are slated to go into effect for the 2012-2013 school year. A component of the new TEKS includes developing PLNs, or personal learning networks, for the students. As a result, I have thinking about ways to make this happen. Using Livebinder, an online notebook or binder, is the perfect solution! In our discussions on how to make this happen, we were thinking about all of the teachers within a grade level having input on setting up these binders to house all of the student's resources in one place to ensure the best possible opportunities for success. So...we are thinking we will divide up the binder into the following tabs and sub-tabs, then all of the resources will be at their fingertips. The ideas for exactly what to include are limitless and one cool feature to this website is the ability to include notes on a page you have placed a link; the biggest do you narrow it down to a manageable amount without overwhelming them?! Click here to check out the Livebinder I created for my students this year...suggestions welcome!
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