Voxopop...an eTool Worth Discovering

We have been playing with Voxopop for about a week now. I started to blog about it last week, but I just really wasn't sure how it could be used. In fact, I really didn't have a clear understanding of its function. It's not that it is hard to use...it's really easy. But when something comes along that really changes how things are usually done, it takes a little bit to wrap your brain around it...So, what is Voxopop? This site allows you to go in and start threaded conversations with collaborators, but I think the feature I like the best is you can then load it into iTunes as a podcast with chapters. You create these talkgroups. It is a bit like a voice version of a message board. You no longer have to collaborate only with peers in your classroom. You might have two students from different classes work together on a project, or better yet, a student from another school! We have been talking about how this could be used in the classroom. Book talks, collaborations on the development of projects, story or writing construction...the list of possibilities is endless. So check this site out and I would love to get some dialogue on other ideas for how this could be used in the classroom. Interestingly, Voxopop is up for an award at the SXSW Interactive Conference in Austin March 15th. They present awards for the best interactive websites of the year. Good luck Voxopop...you are a winner in my book.
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