Print & PDF Friendly=Very Handy Site

During Spring Break last week TCEA published their Technotes that I always look forward to because of the great resources they include. One of the sites they listed last week really peaked my interest so I checked it out; it was called PrintFriendly. It is a website that allows you to turn a webpage into a print friendly page or it can PDF the page for you. I found this particularly helpful this past week as I was preparing to take the Tech Apps certification test. There were various websites with practice tests and material that I wanted to print for study guides. As long as the page has text for the site to parse, it works beautifully and provided me with some great study material.

Another cool thing I found on this website is a plugin to embed in your blog or website that allows your readers to print or PDF the webpage. What a helpful widget to add for your readers! Check mine is at the bottom of this post.

The main thing I loved about this site was how easy it was to use and how helpful it was in my pursuit of gathering study materials. Wouldn't this be great for students as they work on research projects! So, my suggestion would be to bookmark this site for the future when you need to print a copy of the information detailed on that web page you just have to keep.

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