A Little Bird Just Told Me About Little Bird Tales

If you are looking for a new website that offers students the opportunity to create their own stories, you may want to check out this site, Little Bird Tales. What I love most about this site is the ability to narrate the stories. Each page of the book can be read by the author! The website also allows students to create their own drawings right on the site or upload a picture of their choosing. There are no ads on the site and it is quite visually appealing! What a great way to reinforce reading and writing skills!

Once the book is completed, it is saved within your account and you can go back and edit the story, delete it, or enter email addresses with which to share the finished product. A link is sent for the audience to view the book. It plays as a video showing each page along with the narration...pretty cool deal, but I would love to see an embed code added to the offerings. Check it out...one more great tool for digital storytelling.
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