Firefox 4 + Web O' Wonder = The Coolest Ever!

When they were beta testing Firefox 4, I was pretty under-impressed. In fact, I deleted it and went back to 3.6 mainly because it kept crashing. Well, today I wanted to get onto the Mozilla Motivational Poster maker website and it wouldn't really work without Firefox 4, so I downloaded. It is no longer being beta tested so I am assuming the kinks have been worked out. I did the little tour and found some really helpful aspects to it and even changed my personna. My browser is looking pretty snazzy. Well then I had to change my iGoogle page so it would be color coordinated, of course. But, back to Web O' Wonder; it's more like Web O' Eye Candy Wonder...I LOVE this site. There are a multitude of options to explore. Today's pick came from the TCEA TechNotes recommendation of the Mozilla Motivational Poster maker. This is a lot of fun; you can load in your own picture or you can use one from their database. I can see so many uses for this website in all core content areas. So, if you want to get motivated, start creating!
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