Rock Melt May Melt Your Heart

While I was at TCEA, I learned about a new web browser called Rock Melt. This browser has redesigned the idea of what browsers should be and how they should function for today's user. It is slick! It's almost too amazing for words...Want to stay connected to friends? Want to share your information with those friends? Want to search more quickly? Want to keep up with the latest news? Then Rock Melt is for you because all of that is at your fingertips! It really is a paradigm shift in thinking about the functions of your web browser. I am having fun diving in and uncovering its true power and potential. Check out the video below hosted on Youtube. It reveals the power of Rock Melt for the social network junkie...Just one thing, you have to get an invite. Just friend me on Facebook and I'll pass your invite along. Have fun!

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