Penzu...An Online Journal For All

If you are looking for a really slick online journal that allows you to embed photos, it's Penzu. I really like the simplicity of this site. It's is pretty straightforward. The paper looks like notebook paper. The tools are just above the paper. You have the ability to lock an entry, it keeps track of how many words you have written, and if absolutely necessary, you can even print your entries. I love the look of this site. For $19 a year, you can go Pro and create a more customized look. This would be a great alternative to those student journals you have stacked up on the shelves of your room. Everything is stored in the cloud and students would have access to this 24/7. Another great reason why I love this site is you can access it on an iPad or iPod so students could use their own devices to access their journals. This is yet one more way to go paperless in the classroom...write on!
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