Spaaze...A New Tool For Student Projects

I just found out about a new Web 2.0 tool, Spaaze, that is too cool! Described as an infinite virtual corkboard, it has a similar look to Wallwisher, but has a little more functionality. You can add hot spots, collect and organize information, and I see lots of potential here for students, maybe as they begin their research projects or maybe to house information to present from their research. There is a blog that can answer a lot of questions you may have. There is also an introductory video on the homepage made by the developer that shows how he uses Spaaze, pronounced, Space.  Check this out, you might like it! I have embedded Spaaze creator, Stefan's video below, but it is hosted by YouTube to be able to view it, so you will need an override if you are blocked. Oh, and it offers a free version with more limited usage. It is still in the Beta version so you may notice some changes. Enjoy.

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