Scribble Maps...Scribbleicious!

I know I am making up a new word here, but Scribble Maps is so cool. They have some great tutorial videos hosted on YouTube that detail how to create these maps as well as what you can do with them once you are done. Social Studies teachers...your answer to custom maps has arrived! This site is powered by Google so you know it's got to be great. Once you create a map, it generates an embed code so you can use them in your class blogs or wikis. They have announced on their blog that their widgets have been flash-based but with the rise in prominence of the iPad, they have created a widget that can be used on the iPad! So if you are using an older embed code, you may want to switch. Here is one more site switching over to accommodate the iPad. The Scribble Maps Blog is very helpful for detailing different tools and components to the site. Check it out and scribble up some maps.
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