Collaborative Learning...Learning To Collaborate

Have you ever made plans to do a group learning activity and the students just didn't get along? Group work has been around for a while now so you would think students would be better at it, but they're not! Suzy doesn't want to be with Bobby; he's bossy, and Johnny doesn't want Billy because he never does any of the work. When you look at the job market of today, much less in the future, a collaborative work environment tends to dominate most jobs. How are these students going to be prepared for the real world? Click here to access a website I recently came across that was a treasure trove of resources for purposefully developing collaborative skills in students. There are links for information about cooperative learning, various roles students can play in a cooperative group, as well as a variety of teaching strategies to use for designing active learning in the classroom. I particularly enjoyed the information about interactive lectures. Isn't that an oxymoron? Maybe not. I am still going through all of the resources here, but check it out. If you dread cooperative learning as much as the students do, you will definitely want to peruse the pages of this website! Then, pass it on! I would love to hear some comments about your experiences, good or bad, with collaborative learning opportunities.
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