iPads Make An Educational Impact...Even In Band

I have been doing research about the iPad the last couple of days and looking at the best apps to have...everyone has their list...and cools ways to use the iPad in an educational setting. Some of my favorite finds were the wikis and blogs about using the iPads in the classroom. My two favorite resources were both wikis, TeachWithYouriPad and iPadSchools. Both provided a wealth of information and sent me on a quest from which I still haven't recovered! One blog talked about how this teacher's students were working on research projects collaboratively and he noticed that the iPad really fostered a collaborative setting because they didn't have huge computer screens blocking the space between the students. It really created an all-inclusive environment...interesting observation. He and others all commented on how engaging it was as a tool for learning. I believe this whole mobile computing concept is going to require teachers to rethink learning in their classrooms and how that learning can be achieved. That could be our goal for the coming year...to rethink how we can accomplish what we've always done using the tools of the 21st century. Below I have embedded a video that embodies this concept. Enjoy and with that I want to close by wishing everyone a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. (It's from YouTube, so if you're blocked, you will need to override...but it's worth it!)

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